Advantages Of Voice Communications Part 2: Business Relationships

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer

When it comes to business relationships, specifically between a salesperson and client, frequent communication is critical.   But distance and time can make face to face communication unrealistic.  A salesperson or business development professional must have consistent and effective lines of communication to nurture successful client relationships.  The use of impersonal communication channels can be harmful in a business relationship and fail to differentiate your company or brand.  This can result in a client with no vested interest in maintaining a relationship and more willing to work with a different company or provider.

Client Instant Access has been assisting organizations for decades in nurturing these business relationships adding a more personalized form of communication utilizing voice-messaging services and cloud-based CRM Dialer services.  The benefits to the user of the Client Instant Access suite of productivity tools is tremendous.  A manager can now track his team and make sure they are making calls to clients and following up on new leads.   And the salesperson or business development professional using the CRM Dialer will be more successful in closing sales as a result of increased efficiency and better tools that allow them to reach more clients in less time and drop pre-recorded messages when a client is not available.

Imagine starting your morning with a list of client calls and working that list in a fraction of the time.  Never worry about proving to your boss that you made all your phone calls since you can now provide a call report.  And advanced note-taking features allow you to access important information about your phone calls.   It is no wonder many clients utilize the CRM Dialer product in place of a CRM for the simplicity of managing a customer relationship.

Another benefit of voice communication is the ability to provoke a response.   Other forms of communication like email do not require the receiving party to respond or engage with the message.  But when you speak with current or prospective clients by phone you are more likely to make a good impression and find commonalities not possible with other less personalized forms of communication.

Your company is at a disadvantage if not using advanced communications products like an Integrated CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail.